VigorNow Reviews: Everything You Should Know About It

This is a must-read article before ordering VigorNow! Throughout the entire existence of mankind, the male part of it has been associated with the production of food, protection, and fatherhood. These qualities remain relevant to this day. As history has proven, only a physically healthy man can perform all these functions, and given the accelerating pace of development of modern society, the problems of male health are of increasing interest among doctors.

Now, the life expectancy of men worldwide is approximately 61-65 years, and the average age of the male population is 37.3-38 years. According to US statistics, over the past 15 years, the incidence of urological diseases has increased by more than 25 percent. All of the above data indicate that men’s health problems are gaining great importance.
What is the reason for this situation? It is likely that against the background of the ever-increasing rate of society development, it’s no longer possible to restrain the growth of potency and libido-related issues. And, consequently, the state of man’s health falls on males’ shoulders.

How to Determine the Need to Visit the Urologist?

Firstly, if there is at least one complaint directly related to urination or sexual function, then it is imperative to visit a doctor, since the earlier the diagnosis and treatment are made, the less the risk of getting a chronic disease.

Secondly, it is necessary to exclude whether you are in the “trap of a chronic disease”. The “trap” is that complaints and symptoms develop so slowly that the body has time to adapt to them and when comparing short periods of time (day, week, month), we do not notice a significant difference, but if the time interval is significantly increased, then deviations become obvious. To do this, even in the absence of complaints at first glance, it is necessary to compare your condition with an interval of 3-5 years for 10-15 years. And if you notice a deterioration in the functions of the genitourinary sphere over time, then you should go to the urologist!

Thirdly, in connection with the “sexual revolution” of the 20th century, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have become widespread among the population. According to the WHO, in various regions, the population infected with STDs reaches 80%. And this means that if you have an active life position in sexual life, then every six months you need to be examined by a urologist for the possible presence of STDs, since very often these diseases proceed without any symptoms.
Fourthly, if your close relatives have such diseases as impotency, urolithiasis, gout, prostate adenoma, malignant tumors of the genitourinary sphere, etc., then you need to visit a urologist to assess the risk of developing these diseases in you and their timely prevention.
And finally, if you have not found any of the listed signs, then you have excellent male health and to maintain it, it is enough to undergo a medical examination by a urologist every 2-3 years and take dietary supplements. The latter is probably the easiest way of supporting “male power” as naturopathic products provide the organism with all the essential nutrients, preventing health complications. Currently, one of the most effective products marketed is VigorNow. And further, we’ll tell you more about this product!

VigorNow: What Is It?

VigorNow is a naturopathic product 100% plant-based. It’s designed to address the most common symptoms that may affect your sexual life – constant tiredness, inflammation, intoxication, low sperm count, and so on. The supplement is meant to prevent health complications associated with the prostatic gland and the urinoexcretory system.

What Does the Supplement Do?

VigorNow beneficially influences male health by providing the following effects:

  • It detoxifies the body and alleviates an inflammatory state in tissues.
  • VigorNow boosts energy.
  • It promotes the production of testosterone, thus elevating libido, increasing sperm count, etc.
  • The supplement enhances mood and reduces stress.
  • It promotes muscle growth.
  • VigorNow ensures firmer erections.
  • It may promote weight loss.
  • The product prevents sexual debility and associated conditions.

VigorNow: Closer Look at the Formula

Like any other naturopathic product, VigorNow contains mainly herbal components, trace minerals, and vitamins to support the proper functioning of the prostatic gland and testes. The potent mix includes the next ingredients:


The plant eases constant fatigue and brain fog. It can elevate sexual appetite and stamina.

Potency wood extract

It regulates the production of testosterone, increases libido, supports fertility, and reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.


The component supports the prostatic gland and prevents its diseases.


It eliminates toxins, reduces ox stress, alleviates inflammation, and promotes tissue regeneration.

Product Instruction

VigorNow is supposed to be taken every day before or during meals in 2 capsules. Thus, the supplement will be absorbed better and ensure the proper functioning of the prostatic gland and testes. It’s quite important not to miss product intakes as it may significantly reduce VigorNow effectiveness.

Where Can I Buy VigorNow? What’s the Price?

The bad news is VigorNow can’t be bought in offline stores. Looking for it at Amazon, Walmart, e-Bay and similar platforms makes no sense as these distributors sell mainly Chinese fakes of the supplement. We suggest you order VigorNow through the official manufacturer only!

Prices for the supplement are quite affordable and are discounted for larger orders:

  • a 2-bottle package – 62.50 dollars in total + free delivery;
  • a 3-bottle option – 49.98 dollars per bottle + zero-cost delivery;
  • a 5-bottle pack – 39.74 dollars per unit + free shipping.

To your satisfaction, the manufacturer also offers a full refund guarantee. It can be claimed within 60 days upon the delivery date if the supplement package is damaged in any way or if you don’t notice any results from using VigorNow.

Customers’ Feedback: Only True Comments

A reliable and most importantly effective multivitamin complex that works with results! Online, there is a fairly huge selection of men’s supplements from well-known brands, with a lot of positive reviews, but you know that, having tried VigorNow, you no longer want to try something else! I first bought the product in 2020. In an effort to make the right choice, I carefully analyzed numerous customer reviews and comments. After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to try it. Now, I trust my male health VigorNow only. There are questions and comments, such as: “I felt nothing” or “What will be the effect?” and so on. The answer is simple, if you have a deficiency of vitamins in the body, you will feel a rise in strength and energy + libido in the first days of taking it!

Neive G.

Advantages of VigorNow: 1) rich vitamin composition; 2) strengthens the immune system; 3) noticeably gives energy 7 days after the start of the course, if you have not taken vitamins for several years; 4) ensures more productive workouts; 5) good price. In general, I definitely recommend buying it!

Cade E.

A certain positive effect began to feel about 3 weeks after starting treatment with VigorNow. Naturally, this did not come in one minute, but I simply felt a general improvement in well-being. Also, when playing sports, I noticed an increase in endurance. My hair and nail growth doubled!

Caolan R.

I bought this male power enhancer on promo I read the description, studied the composition, and realized that this is what we’d both like. At first, my husband was surprised at the capsule size (it’s a bit large), but he got used to it and takes 2 capsules every day without any problems! I noticed after two weeks of taking that the bristle on his face became rough and black. Increased libido! The husband is happy, and I am even more!

Eliza Craig


We will tell you about several simple ways that will help you to strengthen your sexual health, maintain potency and reproductive function for a long time.

  1. Take sports
    An active lifestyle and physical activity are beneficial for people of both sexes and at any age. Sports activities, be it jogging, swimming or exercising in the gym, ensure the correct functioning of all organs, have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as on the bloodstream.
  2. Have sex
    Perhaps, this is one of the most pleasant recommendations, but it is also useful. Doctors note the undoubted importance of regular sexual activity for potency. At the same time, they emphasize that it is better if the partner is constant, and it is preferable to avoid promiscuous relationships.
  3. Reduce the amount of stress
    Perhaps, not everyone knows that stress is one of the main enemies of an erection. When a man is under stress, his heart rate is disturbed, his blood pressure “jumps”, and his mood deteriorates. All this affects sexual desire.
  4. Walk more
    Walking in the fresh air is not only a great way to calm down and take a break from a hard day at work, but also a method to improve men’s health. A sedentary lifestyle does not affect potency in the best way.

And most importantly, do not avoid using naturopathic products like VigorNow! As of now, it’s considered to be one of the most effective solutions for customers having issues with their sexual performance. Based on all the foregoing details, we can conclude that the supplement really works and is worth your attention!


  • It detoxifies the body and alleviates an inflammatory state in tissues.
  • VigorNow boosts energy.
  • It promotes the production of testosterone, thus elevating libido, increasing sperm count, etc.
  • The supplement enhances mood and reduces stress.
  • It promotes muscle growth.
  • VigorNow ensures firmer erections.
  • It may promote weight loss.
  • The product prevents sexual debility and associated conditions.
  • The manufacturer offers a full refund guarantee which is good for 2 months upon the delivery date.


  • VigorNow isn’t available in offline stores.

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