Meditation In A Bottle Reviews: How It Works, Benefits & Results

This is a must-read review before ordering Meditation In A Bottle! Stressful situations occur almost daily. Many have become accustomed to them and have learned to adapt. But severe stress can negatively affect not only the state of the psyche and the level of anxiety, but also the work of all internal organs and systems. Many diseases today are of a psychogenic nature and are associated precisely with constant psycho-emotional stress, experiences and unexpectedly unpleasant circumstances.

Among the most popular reactions of the body to stress are:

  • unreasonable and frequent bouts of irritability, anger, dissatisfaction with the people around the person, the situation, the world;
  • lethargy, weakness, depression, passive attitude and unwillingness to communicate with people, even with family and friends, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything;
  • insomnia, restless sleep;
  • inability to relax, constant tension of the nervous system, physical body;
  • attacks of fear, panic;
  • poor concentration, difficulty understanding ordinary things, decreased intellectual capabilities, memory problems, stuttering;
  • frequent desire to cry and sobbing, longing, self-pity;
  • lack of desire to eat food, or vice versa, excessive desire to eat;
  • nervous tic, nonspecific desire for the patient to bite their nails, lips;
  • increased sweating and excitability, digestive system disorders (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), itchy skin, headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, chest discomfort, breathing problems, choking feelings, a sharp rise in body temperature, chills, numbness or tingling in the limbs;
  • an increased interest in alcohol, smoking, computer games, and other things that a person was not particularly interested in before.

It is dangerous to ignore the symptoms of severe stress. When they appear, you need to seek help. It is extremely difficult to cope with the consequences of severe stress on your own. This can lead to depletion of reserves of strength and energy, dangerous changes in the body. That’s where Meditation In A Bottle comes to help!

Meditation In A Bottle: What Is It?

Meditation In A Bottle is an all-organic formula developed by one of the most famous manufacturers in the naturopathic industry, Zenith Labs. The company’s product suits everybody above 18 years old having issues with falling asleep and managing stress.

Meditation In A Bottle offers the following list of healthful effects:

  • The supplement calms the nerves, reduces stress.
  • Meditation In A Bottle eases anxiety and hypochondria.
  • It improves mood.
  • It reduces mood swings, brain fog, and prevents cognitive dysfunction.
  • Meditation In A Bottle elevates energy.
  • It enhances brain performance.
  • Meditation In A Bottle helps with difficulty sleeping.

Formula Peculiarities

Meditation In A Bottle is a natural formula that combines about 10 components effective against increased stress, anxiety, and insomnia. We will describe only the potent mix.

Components Potent Qualities


It calms the nerves, reduces stress, anxiety, and hypochondria. It also improves mood and eases mood swings.


The component lowers blood tension, reduces the risk of obesity and type-II diabetes, manages anxiety, and improves the quality of sleep.


It addresses trouble sleeping, reduces stress, helps with anxiety, and alleviates brain fog.


The ingredient regulates brain performance, reduces brain fog, and improves cognitive abilities (memory, focus, critical thinking, and more).

How Is It Better to Take Meditation In A Bottle?

The manufacturer recommends taking Meditation In A Bottle in 2 capsules on a daily basis. Consume your dose at least 30 minutes before the first meal with a glass of any beverage. Thus, the supplement will be absorbed better.

Where to Find the Product?

Meditation In A Bottle can be purchased exclusively through the original manufacturer’s website. You still can find its ads on distributing platforms like Amazon and e-Bay. But customers aren’t recommended to order the supplement through them: you can’t be sure they sell the original product. It’s better to stick with the Zenith Labs company.

How Much Is Meditation In A Bottle?

The supplement is sold in three packaging options:

  • one bottle – 44.10 dollars;
  • three bottles – 105.10 dollars in total;
  • and six bottles – 178.20 dollars totally.

Thus, it suits every budget and need. Also, Meditation In A Bottle comes with a 6-month full refund guarantee. So, if you don’t see treatment results within this period, you can contact the support team and send the supplement back. The company will cover 100% of the product cost. Delivery fees aren’t refunded.

Any Side Effects to be Worried About?

As far as we know, Meditation In A Bottle doesn’t cause any side effects unless you exceed the recommended dosage or have allergic reactions to the used components. In other cases, you should be totally fine.

For How Long Should I Take Meditation In A Bottle?

The Meditation In A Bottle supplement doesn’t provide long-lasting results immediately. It has an accumulative effect. It won’t address increased stress and insomnia right away: you should take the supplement for a month or two at the very least to notice changes.

What Do Users Think About the Supplement?

A good supplement! Helps with stress. I became calmer, my mood skips less, anxieties have passed. I’ll definitely order another bottle.

Lois Lim

I take 2 tablets a day, in the morning and evening. First, I took 1 capsule per day, but personally, this is not enough for me. I also wanted to correct my sleep, because I woke up every 2 hours at night. As a result, on the background of taking 2 tablets of Meditation In A Bottle, anxiety really decreased. The sleep became deeper. I stay calm throughout the day. I’m very happy!

Ameer Stuart

An excellent complex, really made me much calmer in a couple of days! I am delighted, although it is difficult to surprise me!

Alessandra Rowley

I bought this complex primarily for my husband. He has a very hectic time at work now, he needs support for the nervous system. He just started taking it, so it’s too early to talk about the results. But the composition is just excellent and should improve mood. I would like to believe that the supplement will help my husband.

Anaiya Mcdowell

I purchased Meditation In A Bottle to enhance the quality of my sleep. After a couple of weeks, I began to fall asleep better, and it became easier to wake up in the morning. The tracker on the watch showed that the quality of sleep improved and the deep sleep phase increased from 35 minutes to 2 hours.

Khadeeja Redmond

I bought Meditation In A Bottle to improve my sleep and emotional state. I couldn’t sleep for hours. Took 2 capsules at bedtime along with magnesium glycinate and GABA. After 2 weeks, my sleep returned to normal and became much calmer, I did not even expect such an effect.

Roxie Donovan

Final Words

Having understood the mechanism of development of chronic stress and the reasons that trigger it, it is easy to understand how you can help a person in this unsafe state, including how to help yourself. The prevention and treatment of chronic stress are:

  • a change in the environment, team, social circle;
  • a change in the attitude to what is happening;
  • a psychological attitude to the positive, a ban on negative thoughts, a benevolent attitude towards others, teaching an optimistic style of thinking, striving for happiness (reading appropriate psychological, esoteric, spiritual literature, books on personal growth, biographies of famous people, autogenic training, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and other practices);
  • striving for a new, unusual, previously unknown, expanding interests and horizons, acquiring a hobby;
  • attention to your appearance, refusal of a dull facial expression, straight posture, and a mandatory smile;
  • acquiring the habit of leaving the problems associated with business, work, outside the doorstep;
  • a healthy diet with an emphasis on vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs, dairy products, fish and seafood, be sure to include dark chocolate and bananas in the diet (these products increase our ability to experience positive emotions);
  • rejection of black tea and coffee in favor of green tea, herbal infusions, and fresh juices;
  • cessation of smoking, alcohol and substances abuse, energy tonics;
  • normalization of sleep – adherence to sleep and rest (full night sleep), a walk, a relaxing bath with aromatic oils, warm milk, relaxing music before bedtime;
  • sufficient physical activity – fitness, dancing, outdoor games, tourism;
  • communication with family, friends, and relatives – visiting theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, concerts, going to the bathhouse, sauna, bowling, joint trips to nature;
  • the general massage, self-massage is extremely useful;
  • if necessary, the help of a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychoanalyst.

These are just a few of the many preventative measures you can take to become calmer, get restful sleep, and bring energy to the new day. Sure, they don’t guarantee 100% results. And for many people, it’s impossible to follow all of them. Therefore, we recommend trying Meditation In A Bottle. The supplement has already helped hundreds of people with their stress issues. It will assist you as well!


  • The supplement calms the nerves, reduces stress.
  • Meditation In A Bottle eases anxiety and hypochondria.
  • It improves mood.
  • It reduces mood swings, brain fog, and prevents cognitive dysfunction.
  • Meditation In A Bottle elevates energy.
  • It enhances brain performance.
  • Meditation In A Bottle helps with difficulty sleeping.
  • It’s manufactured in 3 packaging options and suits every budget and need.
  • Meditation In A Bottle comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee.


  • Meditation In A Bottle can be purchased exclusively through the original manufacturer’s website.

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