Montezuma Secret Reviews: Can 3 Capsules Change Everything?

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Today, loss of sexual power (impotency or invirility) is a much more widespread and relatable issue for males that you might have imagined. In accordance with the latest statistics (2020), more than a fourth (26%) of men at the age of 20-22 to 45 years old is suffering from sexual frustration. And more than 40% of men over 50 years old are martyrs to this problem.

Loss of sexual power can be caused by different factors. Those include high level of stress, circulation diseases, problems with weight and metabolism, psychological issues and much more. Sometimes, there is no determinant of sexual debility.

On a positive note, today there are various ways to walk off sexual debility. The most available medium is probably trying different supplements. The product that spring to our mind above all else is Montezuma Secret. It’s a completely organic aid that may provide you with immediate effects. Hundreds of men worldwide are pleased with the product.

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What is Exactly Montezuma Secret?

Montezuma Secret formulated by Second Prime is a dietic said that works as a sex performance enhancing supplement. It tackles all the eventual sex-related issues (a decreased sperm count, premature ejaculation, loss of sex craving and many more), attempting to improve males’ overall sexual healthiness.

How Does The Product Act On Your Body?

First of all, Montezuma Secret influences the formation of testicular hormone. It’s a well-known fact that the decreased testosterone level may provoke various sexual issues (erectile dysfunction in the first wave). Boosting this level, the supplement reduces the symptoms associated with sexual debility such as phallus and/or testicle shrinkage, loss of sexual desire, the decreased count of sperm and so on.

Apart from this, the Second Prime product boosts energy and endurance levels, thus, making it possible for a user to perform proper and last longer during sex intercourse. On top of this, it provides more pleasant experience to both partners.

The problem that is not connected with sexual act is hair loss. And the supplement has been proven to be effective even against such a small issue. Besides, improved hair growth may influence your self-confidence level.

Advantages of Montezuma Secret Over Similar Products

The main benefit of Montezuma Secret over enhancing analogues is that the supplement tries to address the problems with sexual well-being as a cohesive whole. It means, the supplement affects not only one single problem. It attempts to influence the overall sexual health impacting different aspects. Having an effect upon one problem cannot but produce an effect on another one, right? And that’s the key principal of action for the Second Prime product.

The Description of Key Components

Montezuma Secret has a completely organic admixture. It doesn’t include any GMO substances and/or harmful chemical materials. Below, we have described all the active ingredients:




Usually, this ingredient is associated with the bone structure. However, it can also influence muscle performance and blood circulation which are essential for erections.

Barrenwort extract

It improves the flow of blood and increases sexual appetite.

The extract from Eurycoma longifolia root

This component has various beneficial impacts on the overall health. First of all, it increases orchidic hormone production. Secondly, the extract reduces stress and tiredness levels. It also affects the problems with weight. Last but not least, the ingredient may help with muscle mass gaining.

Saw palmetto fruit tincture

The plant itself is often utilized for treating prostate issues. It takes an effect on the level of testosterone.

Dioscorea villosa root extract

The component makes you full of energy and boosts sexual appetite.

The extract from Spikenard root

This ingredient reduces stress and fatigue, helps to treat insomnia and increases energy level.

Nettle root essence

The extract nourishes the organism increasing stamina and energy levels. It also helps with hair re-growth.


Is Montezuma Secret Safe?

Yes, the Montezuma Secret enhancer is absolutely secure to use on a daily basis. This is due to its fully natural admixture and the absence of genetically modified agents/substances and chemicals in the formula.

Is The Product Actually Effective?

Yes, it is effectual! Montezuma Secret is proven to be really powerful against various sex-related issues.

Montezuma Secret Possible After-effects

The good news is that no after-effects have been ever founded and/or reported. The supplement is completely safe to consume on a daily basis.

Precautionary Measures

There are some cautions for use you have to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  1. Keep the supplement away from children’s reach.
  2. Keep the sexual health enhancing product in a dry, dark place at the temperature of +14-26°C approximately.
  3. If you are curing from other diseases and problematic conditions and/or already prescribed with some medicines, consult with your doctor about Montezuma Secret interactions.
  4. If you have an allergic reaction on any of the aid active ingredients, it’s better to avoid taking the supplement.
  5. If you’re under 30 years old, discuss it with your physician before taking the pills.
  6. Avoid over
  7. The capsules include gelatin, therefore they are not suitable for vegans.

The Montezuma Secret Supplement Usage

The recommended dose is three capsules at one serving daily. It’s advised to take them together with or after your meal and with a glass of any beverage. It doesn’t matter whether you consume the supplement in the morning or evening, but try to stick to a certain regime.

Though the manufacturer advises not to miss the supplement taking, some consumers  confirm that even with forgetting about Montezuma Secret for a day or two do not affect their progress. They still can see the results.

Where to Find? What’s The Pricing?

Currently, you can order the Montezuma Secret enhancer from the Second Pride official page only.

One bottle of the product with 90 capsules costs about $70. You can also purchase  three bottles at a special price of $117, saving around a quarter from the original pricing. And the last option is 6 bottles for $294. The shipping costs about $9, but you can get it for free ordering several bottles of Montezuma Secret at once.

The Second Prime company also provides a 2-month money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased with the product/results, you can return the supplement within 60 days and receive your money back.

Montezuma Secret Consumers’ Feedback

I bought the Montezuma Secret aid 2 o 3 months ago. I have just turned 50 years old, and I am a martyr to rapid ejaculation. Well, to be exact, I WERE a martyr to it. But with this product, all my problems have gone, I’m full of energy, and the sex continuance has become longer. So, yes, surely enough, there are some visible changes. I haven’t finished the bottle yet, so we will see, maybe, something else will change. Anyway, thanks a lot to the manufacturer.

Lucian Armitage, 50, Orlando, Florida.


The capsules worked as it was advertised. I’m thankful to the company. I would surely recommend Montezuma Secret to my older fellows.

Kirsten Barber, 62, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I gave it 10/10. Montezuma Secret helped me to tackle some issues with self-confidence. I thought it was impossible for me to last for a long period, but it actually wasn’t so. With the Montezuma Secret enhancer, I’m able to stay hard for hours without experiencing any fatigue or exhaustion. Sexual intercourse has definitely become longer.

Thiago Flinn, 42, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky.


I am a sales manager, and my job is quite stressful and busy. Consequently, I began realizing that my sex drive had decreased way too much. And the performance in general went down. My physician recommended Montezuma Secret to me, because it’s 100% organic and doesn’t influence the body in a bad way. And honestly, even after just two weeks, I can already feel some significant changes. To give an example, my endurance level has been boosted a lot, and the continuance is more prolonged now.

Marius Harell, 38, Raleigh, North Carolina.


I’m glad I have bought this enhancer. The results are worth the price.

Sion Kirkland, 65, New York, New York.

To Sum Up

If you are willing to finally walk off sex-related issues, you definitely have to consider trying the Montezuma Secret supplement. The product has lots of benefits and almost no disadvantages.

PROS Montezuma Secret

  • The supplement acts across the board taking effects on different issues associated with sex performance – from decreased sperm count to impotency.
  • Montezuma Secret is also effectual against hair loss.
  • It has a fully natural formula.
  • The sex performance enhancing aid is absolutely safe to take, and there are no risk of after-effects.
  • No prescription is required.
  • The Second Prime company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

CONS Montezuma Secret

  • If you have an allergic reaction on one of the product active ingredients, it’s better to avoid taking the capsules.
  • The aid capsules are not suitable for vegans as they include gelatin.
  • It’s formulated for men over 30 years old mainly.

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