Protection 4U, protection for the environment!

The USF Healthcare ECOEngage commitment…

With almost 50 years’ experience, USF Healthcare recognises the potential impact of its day to day activities on the environment, both locally and globally. ECOEngage is our voluntary undertaking to a continual improvement programme in safety and environmental performance, at all levels of our organisation.

This voluntary approach forms part of our integrated management system, Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE).


Maintaining a quality led philosophy to achieve consistency and improvement, is at the very heart of the USF Healthcare team. Accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management systems for medical devices, we are well equipped to continually improve in our areas of expertise.


With USF Healthcare hygiene and disinfection products being used around the world, we understand our corporate social responsibility and use this as our focus to ensure that they are used safely and for the correct application. All USF products come with the support of comprehensive scientific information and user protocols.

Our commitment to safety is also applied internally throughout our organisation, to maintain the wellbeing of individuals and reduce workplace hazards.


Reducing environmental impact plays an integral part of our core business. This commitment begins during the concept phase and continues throughout the lifecycle of our products.

We are committed to demonstrating a systematic approach to environmental sustainability and an engagement as a future focused organisation.

“The ECOEngage charter is implemented in all areas of our business”

Raw materials and formulations…

During the concept and development phase of USF products, preference is given to eco-formulations which are more readily biodegradable. Regulatory restraints such as biocide and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), means that we are able to fully manage the risks associated with the use of our products and provide a high level of protection to human health and the environment.

We work closely with research institutes and suppliers to use new generation active ingredients and additives, giving priority to the use of biodegradable and non bioaccumulative molecules.

We are also committed to:

eliminating CMR substances from our formulations
substituting allergenic substances and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), where possible
using vegetal substances of oleochemical origin
using a new generation of surfactants with a more favourable biodegradability profile

Chemistry and Microbiology…

All USF Healthcare products are meticulously evaluated for safety, performance, material compatibility and stability whilst in concentrated form and during practical use. We also analyse the antimicrobial effectiveness of our formulations using dedicated microbiology laboratories.


As safety and environment play a critical role during the concept phase, we carefully consider these aspects during the full production process of our products with:

direct connection to water treatment and purification plants
an optimised water recycling system
treatment of waste water with a pollution rate fixed below the national requirements
secondary containment facilities for the storage of our products in case of leakage or discharge
waste sorting and treatment systems

In our offices daily we also undertake…

sorting of general office waste
optimisation of paper consumption
the supply of USF Healthcare product information in electronic format in preference to printed format


When appraising the lifecycle of our products, we also consider the choice of packaging materials used. ECOEngage means that:

all bottles are made from either HDPE or PE recyclable material
we do not use aerosol spray applicators
we use single material packaging for easier recycling


ECOEngage pays attention to atmospheric pollution caused by the transportation of our finished products. With this in mind, we:

give priority to products in concentrated form to reduce the impact on transportation
work with transport companies compliant with EURO 5 and EURO 6 emissions standards

Using USF Healthcare products…

USF understands that there are many different products available from different manufacturers. We also respect that it is sometimes difficult to know which product to use, with sometimes confusing or misleading information. We are committed to manufacture only products which meet and exceed the needs of today’s healthcare environment and to provide clear and easy to understand product labelling and support materials. For all USF Healthcare products, we systematically provide:

comprehensive scientific information
online access to our customers for Safety Data Sheets
a protocol for use for each product to ensure correct application and safe usage
detailed instructions for use in our product labelling
on-going technical and scientific training to all members of the USF Healthcare team
on-going product training and support to our customers and end users

Placing your trust in USF Healthcare products offers Protection 4U, your practice staff, your patients and their families.


Protection 4U, protection for the environment!