Vision 20 Review: Dietary Supplement for Eyesight Restoring or a SCAM?

About 30% of global population have one or another vision disorder. Shortsightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma, astigmatism, night blindness, and many other issues make people wear lenses and eyeglasses. It’s a wide-spread belief that the only chance to improve eyesight is laser surgery. But it can be very expensive, and the results are only temporary. The older you get, the higher are risks of eye disorders. One day you’ll find yourself unable to read, watch TV, or discern road signs clearly without special devices. However, there might be a way out. Vision 20 is created to help people with eye problems and give them natural protection.

Moreover, it won’t hurt or cost as much as surgery, not even close to that.

What is Vision 20 supplement?

This revolutionary product was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton form Zenith Labs. He works as a physician and lives with his family in Hawaii. Dr. Shelton has dedicated his entire life to working on ways to improve human health.

In his research, he relies on natural and meanwhile very potent solutions. His discoveries and innovations are proven by profound scientific researches, conducted by other labs and doctors. To be precise, his presentation on Vision 20 was confirmed by more than 20 medical studies.

To help patients with poor eyesight live their normal life again he created a special formula based on natural components. They are supposed not only to stop vision decline but also to improve eyesight and prevent its deterioration in the future. But before you learn how the supplement can help you, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Vision decline: how it happens

First, you have to understand why people lose their eyesight globally. In fact, 2-3 hundred years ago this problem was not as acute as today. Surely, even then many people had eye issues. But now the problem is getting more and more serious, not only in the USA, but around the world.

Dr. Shelton names the major culprit for vision loss. It’s reactive oxygenated species or ROS for short. These harmful toxic substances damage eye cells. The eye lens which is responsible for getting the image and sending it to the brain via the optic nerve can no longer flex and adjust properly. Besides, ROS toxins may cloud the lens and cause blurred vision. Your vision is weakened, and in the long run it may cause serious disorders and even blindness.

Now, how does it happen that these terrible toxins penetrate your eye? There are many sources, and all of them are simply everywhere. You may absorb them form foods and drinking water, without even knowing it. There’s literally no escape from them.

Another huge source of ROS is called blue or UV radiation. This is the main reason why today the problem of poor eyesight is more severe than ever. This type of rays is emitted by TV, computer, and cell phone screen. Each time you look at your mobile phone screen, your eyes absorb a small amount of UV radiation.

Well, let’s suppose you consume only healthy foods and don’t even come close to any modern gadgets. And still you’re unable to escape from UV rays as they are also emitted by the Sun.

How does Vision 20 formula work?

So, it seems like whatever you do, you can’t exclude harmful ROS toxins from your life. Does it mean there’s no way to stop vision decline or have your normal eyesight back? And all you can do is go to the doctor and get glasses prescription? On the contrary! Dr. Shelton is sure: while there’s no way to escape from ROS, there’s a pretty good chance to get protection, a natural shield that may even reverse the damage.

Dr. Shelton has spent many years to find the solution. He has discovered there’re certain chemical compounds which are in fact able to protect human eyes. They are called carotenoids, and you may found them in some foods, like carrots, tomatoes, watermelons.

But the problem is that not only you have to take a huge amount of these products to get the result, but your body is not always capable to absorb these carotenoids properly. So he continued his research and has come up with a new powerful formula.

Key ingredients

To understand how the supplement works, let’s see the list of ingredients.

Marigold extract

The first natural component is probably well-known to each of us. Maybe it’s growing in your garden or backyard. Marigold is a beautiful flower with bright golden and orange petals and sweet fragrance.

It was revealed by the researchers the nice hue is given by these very carotenoids we’ve been talking about. What’s more, marigold contains not just any carotenoids, but the two most powerful of them – lutein and zeaxanthin. The flower is the biggest natural source of these wonderful components, as confirms.

There’re two problems. First, you can’t simply devour a plateful of these flowers with each meal. Second, the bio-availability of lutein and zeaxanthin is very low. Your body just can’t absorb them naturally. Sad but true.


That is why Dr. Shelton had to dig deeper. He found out that bio-availability of these compounds can be significantly boosted by zinc. This essential mineral is known to everyone and is used in various dietary supplements. Thanks to zinc, the human body can easily absorb carotenoids and let them do their job.

But Dr. Shelton hasn’t stopped there. He made up his mind to make his formula not just powerful but extra-powerful to help as much people as possible. So he used some more ingredients.


This is another carotenoid found in food products, especially in carrots. It was added to the supplement thanks to its ability to protect human eyes from ultra-violet radiation. Also, it is able to stop the destruction of cells. The problem is you can’t simply eat as many carrots as it is needed to achieve the observable result. So in Vision 20 the producer used only beta-carotine in its pure form.

Rose hips

Another beneficial chemical compound is called lycopene. It gives lens cells good protection and decreases the number of ROS toxins. Lycopene can be extracted from foods and plants. Dr. Shelton preferred to extract it from rose hips: they contain a significant quantity of it, more than most other products.

Vitamin A

The lack of this essential nutrient can seriously hurt your vision, especially the retina. No wonder, that another name of vitamin A is retinol. This compound can improve you dark vision and protect your eyes from infection and inflammation.


This delicious berry has been famous for its health properties. But it’s especially beneficial for eye health. Even during World War II British aviators consumed it to boost their low-light vision. It supplies the eye with oxygen and healthy nutrients and minerals.

Grape seed

This product is a great means of preventing macular degeneration, common for aging people. The experiment on mice revealed that diet that included it could lower oxidative stress and prevent blindness.


This powerful and indispensable amino-acid is present in meat products and also in our bodies. It promotes regeneration, prevents cataract and glaucoma. Besides, taurine can lower high eye blood pressure.

Vision 20 positive effects

This supplement has a lot of benefits:

  • Your vision improves very fast; you’re able to see more clearly, even small letters or faces in the distance.
  • Your eyes fell less tired and strained.
  • Dry eye syndrome doesn’t bother you, even if you’re exposed to blue rays of screens.
  • You can see better in the darkness.
  • You don’t need to wear eyeglasses as often as you had to.
  • Your eyes get proper protection from oxidation.

Safety and side effects

The ingredients used in the production are absolutely safe and all-natural. You shouldn’t feel worried about side effects. If you notice any changes, they soon disappear. Still, if you are worried, have an appointment with your doctor and get his approval. It’s very likely soon he’ll be pleasantly surprised to observe your progress.

Vision 20 dietary supplement is produced in the form of pills. You are obliged to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any harm and get the result. Feel free to try other supplements for eye protection to see which is better for you. For example, Vision Support Plus works fine and is also made from natural compounds with proven effectiveness.

Vision 20 customer reviews

Liam T.: “Now I don’t have to wear glasses that often, and my eyes feel less strained in the evening, as they used to. Vision 20 is working, and I would definitely recommend it to my parents and friends with eye issues.”

Mia D.: “My poor vision has always been a problem. I had difficulties driving and couldn’t recognize my friends’ faces in the street. In recent years the situation has become even worse, I couldn’t read a book or text on my phone screen. But since I’ve been taking the supplement, my eyes feel much better. I start seeing things more clearly.”


Vision 20 is a wonderful chance to forget about eye problems. You don’t have to sit and wait until you completely lose your eyesight and get blind. Order the supplement from the official website, and soon you may forget about eyeglasses or at least get necessary protection from ROS toxins and further decline.



  • Eyesight improvement.
  • Fast results.
  • Science-backed effectiveness.
  • Natural components.
  • Absence of side effects.
  • Protection from oxidative damage.
  • FDA-approved manufacturing.
  • 180-days money back guarantee.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Online availability only.

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  1. I have already drunk a full pack, I am happy with my vision, I drive a car and see everyone around me. At night, there is enough clarity to see objects better. Therefore, I put 5, the Effect is there, the result is completely satisfied

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