Revision Reviews: Restoring Your Eyesight Naturally?

If you have any vision-related issues, you know how stressful and excruciating they can be. You can’t leave your house without wearing eyeglasses or lenses. You don’t feel confident while driving. You can’t recognize your friends in the street. Finally, you spend hundreds of dollars on artificial visual aids annually. The worst part of all that is you no longer believe your eyesight can ever be restored. You simply have to accept the idea that you vision will only deteriorate, leaving you completely blind one day.

However, you might be wrong. A revolutionary formula called Revision supplement may be your chance to forget about eyeglasses or other aids and enjoy perfect eyesight. Seems hard to believe? Then read this review to learn more.

Vision impairment: why does it happen?

Vision problems are very common in the USA and globally. Poor lifestyle, bad habits, and lack of physical activity add to eyesight degeneration, but they are not the root cause of it. And neither is age, though it may seem difficult to accept. We are used to thinking that the older we get, the worse is our eyesight. However, some people manage to see like an eagle even in their 60’s or 70’s. Then, there must be another reason.

As recent research confirms, the real cause for eyesight issues is hidden inside your brain. When you look at an object, your eyes send a signal into the brain via the optical nerve. And the actual visual image of the object is formed there. In other words, we don’t see with our eyes, we see with the brain. And healthy neurons are crucial to transmit the information and form this connection between your eyes and brain.

However, hidden inflammation may seriously damage neurons and even kill them. In this case, you will lose the ability to process visual images. Literally speaking, your brain will no longer be able to correctly see the objects that surround you. That’s why people lose eyesight, even when technically there’s nothing wrong with their eyes. To make things even worse, they may get other related problems, like

  • headaches and migraines;
  • light sensitivity;
  • poor vision in the darkness;
  • dry eye syndrome, etc.

And it won’t end here. The more neurons die inside your brain, the worse your vision will become. In the long run, you may lose your eyesight completely and spend the rest of your life in the darkness. Glasses or lenses will no longer help. That’s why it’s important to start acting immediately.

Probably, now you’re thinking about surgery that will help restore your eyesight. It may work, really. But there is no guarantee that your vision will remain perfect. Quite the contrary, any surgery is risky and may cause dangerous side effects, and your eyesight may get even worse. Besides, it’s rather costly.

Revision supplement

The best option is looking for another approach: safer, less expensive, and more natural. And it’s a pleasure to ensure you that there is one. It’s called Revision formula. These small pills can completely restore your ability to see clearly just in a few weeks. Made from natural ingredients, they won’t do any harm to your health. On the contrary, not only will they improve your vision, but they also boost your brain health to keep you more energized, alert, and focused. Why? Because they reduce overall inflammation in your brain and restore neural connections.

How was it created?

There’s a personal drama behind this revolutionary discovery. An ordinary man from Pennsylvania named Larry Stephenson created this supplement when his wife Lucy started losing eyesight. She even got into a road accident due to her poor vision in the darkness when she was driving home. That’s why Larry decided to do everything possible to help his wife.

He performed his own research and found out about the connection between eye problems and neural degeneration. With the help of his friend Robert, a talented optometrist from Sweden, and Dr. Kanamaro, a prominent Japanese researcher, he managed to produce a supplement able to repair the damage in the brain and thus restore healthy neural connections you need to see clearly.

The first one to try out the new supplement was his wife, of course. By that moment she restored her health after the accident, but felt deeply depressed. She was at first skeptical about these pills. In the next few days nothing happened. But then things got better. Her eyes felt less strained, she could see even small letters when she read, and she finally started to recognize people’s faces in the street. So, the formula did work. And Larry, being aware how much his own wife had suffered, decided to share his discovery.

Revision ingredients

Only the highest quality components are used by the manufacturer. It makes the product so potent and harmless. As you will see, many ingredients are healthy for brain, and it’s crucial, when it comes to vision disorders. Let’s review them.


The amino acid was first synthesized from green tea leaves in 1949. It is proven to increase stress-resistance, promote better focus and concentration, and improve brain activity.

Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine works great for brain activity and mental performance. It boosts thinking, increases focus, and keeps you energized. It’s better to apply caffeine together with l-theanine, as the former increases energy, while the latter soothes and relieves stress.


According to WebMD, this amino acid boosts mental alertness and relieves depression. L-tyrosine boosts neurotransmitters production in the body, promoting better connections between nerve cells.


This herbal extract stimulates brain activity and protects neurons. That’s why it is applied in nootropics and brain supplements. Also, it strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol, and improves digestion.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin is present in many foods, like legumes, chicken, fish, and beef. It helps produce neurotransmitters to protect brain function and prevent vision loss.


This is another name for vitamin B3. If your body lacks it, you may suffer from depression, headaches, memory loss, and chronic fatigue. Taking niacin protects you from Alzheimer’s and helps you keep your memory sharp.

Other ingredients

The supplement also contains:

  • alpha GPC;
  • phosphatidylserine;
  • hyperzine A;
  • GABA.

These components are proven to protect your brain, memory, and eyesight, to help you stay focused, and to prevent anxiety and stress. So, it’s essential to consume them with foods or via supplementation.

The effects

This revolutionary product:

  • improves your ability to see;
  • promotes better night vision;
  • partially protects your eyes from UV rays;
  • boosts your mental performance;
  • improves thinking, memory, and focus;
  • relieves headaches and migraines;
  • boosts your energy level;
  • prevents stress, depression, and anxiety;
  • improves overall health.

All this is possible due to its ability to restore and improve neural connections in your brain and prevent your neurons from dying off. But to get observable results, it’s recommended by the producer that your take the supplement for at least 3 months or, better, 6 months. Herbal components don’t start working overnight as they need to accumulate in the body. So don’t just drop taking it if you don’t see any improvement in a week. Besides, it’s better to keep taking it for 6 months, because in this case you get long-lasting protection from neural damage.

How safe is Revision formula?

The product is quality controlled and made from the safest and purest ingredients. All of them undergo clinical trials beforehand. The plant-based composition makes it safe to take the supplement for as long as needed. You won’t have any adverse effects. However, individual intolerance and allergic reactions are always possible, no matter what medications or supplements you take. And be wise enough to consult with your healthcare professional prior to use if you have any health conditions.

The price

Think about how much money you spend annually on eyeglasses, lenses, useless pills or regular medical checks. And now compare it to the price of this product. 1-month supply will cost you only $69, and it’s not much to pay for good vision and brain protection. Besides, you may save more money, ordering a bigger supply, say, for 3 or 6 months. Your investment will be protected by 60-day money back guarantee, offered by the manufacturer.

Revision customer reviews

Caroline J.: “I simply can’t believe it! This supplement does work, and it has restored my vision in a few weeks! I’ve order another 6-month supply, this time for my dad, who also has vision issues. Thank you!”

Richard A.: “Revision is a very good product for those who suffer from any kind of eyesight problems. It works rather fast and doesn’t have side effects. My headaches have reduced a lot, too. I’ll go on taking it, and, hopefully, I’ll soon throw my glasses out.”


Revision formula is a safe and organic way to forget about eyesight issues and protect your brain function and nerve cells. Order it and become of 67,000 customers who’ve already said goodbye to their lenses and eyeglasses thanks to it.

Pr&Co Revision


  • eyesight improvement;
  • brain protection;
  • natural components;
  • safety for all users;
  • zero side effects;
  • affordable price;
  • money return policy;
  • positive customer reviews.


  • the supplement is for online purchase only;
  • the price may be changed in the future, so it’s wiser to purchase the product ASAP.

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