Herpesyl Reviews: Is The Supplement Worth It?

Herpesyl is an absolutely natural blend created to banish herpes and to ward off the outbreaks. The components mentioned on the site are carefully picked to be sure that all dangerous agents in your system, including toxins, will be eradicated.

Actually, herpes is quite common. According to statistics, around 67% of people all over the globe have HSV 1. Sounds scary, right? This type of virus usually causes cold sores, fever and aches, that can be excruciating. Plus, don’t forget about appearance. Those pesky cold sores on your lips can ruin your job interview, date and even marriage.

When it comes to sex life, your pleasure can be also at risk. There is HSV 2 which is associated with genital herpes. The same statistics say that about 417 million people worldwide have this type of virus and suffer from pain, blisters and itching.

Living with the constant outbreaks and short remissions can be tough, as you always expect the worst and can’t plan your life freely. What if you have an outbreak during your vacation or even during your honeymoon? The strain of waiting for those annoying blisters can be exhausting, but that’s not all. Herpes damages your immunity system, lowering its protective powers.

Is there a solution that can stop herpes and keep it at bay? While many people are sure that it’s impossible to cure cold sores and blisters, Herpesyl has something valuable to offer for those who experience this condition. But what is it exactly?

What Is Exactly Herpesyl?

Herpes is an awful disease that causes not only physical but psychological discomfort for those who have it. Although the blisters themselves are super painful, there is a horrible social stigma connected to it. The worst part is that the condition is fully visible, so you can’t hide it. In fact, a lot of folks don’t know what to do with that troublesome virus.

Of course, modern medicine offers many solutions that can handle the condition, but the thing is that they don’t fix the primary reason of the blisters. Plus, most of them require a prescription from your doctor that can be hard to get. This natural blend is different! First of all, it doesn’t include any artificial components. Secondly, don’t have to go to your physician to obtain it. And, thirdly, it’s effective!

It doesn’t try to diminish the virus like many other remedies do. Actually, the virus is almost impossible to kill when we use antibiotics and other ordinary meds. Herpesyl is concentrated on the root cause of the condition. With the mix of incredible natural extracts, it boosts your immune system allowing your body to remove the dangerous agent itself. The manufacturer explains how it is possible in practice.

The thing is that according to recent research the herpes can hole up inside the protein called ICP-47 making it invisible to the immunity. This natural formula enhances the immune capacities of your body to detect that protein and blast herpes hidden in it.

What’s Inside The Bottle?

The remedy consists of 26 powerful components, each with unique properties to destroy the virus and bolster the immunity. This blend was created after dozens of unsuccessful efforts that were either useless or didn’t show the full effect. Moreover, the creators pay a lot of attention to safety. As a result, Herpesyl causes zero adverse reactions and is super efficient when it comes to removing the herpes.

Let’s take a detailed look at each component.



This mineral plays a huge role in your well-being. It is necessary to trigger the amazing antioxidant benefits of glutathione. Numerous researches have already demonstrated that glutathione is a super powerful antioxidant that protects your system from harmful free radicals. Selenium helps glutathione work better and activates its antiviral features.

Shiitake mushrooms


These mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and for a reason. Shiitake is packed with marvelous polysaccharides such as lentinans and others. These substances save your cells from damage, boost the protective capacities of your body, and enhance white blood cells to make them able to beat all viruses and microbes. In addition to this, polysaccharides are famous for their health benefits.

Burdock root


This botanical extract includes a wide array of antioxidants such as luteolin, quercetin as well as phenolic acids. They protect your organs from various infections and aid to keep dangerous viruses at a distance.

Red raspberry


These berries are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that might protect you against diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. Plus, red raspberries can postpone age-related issues. Boosting your immunity, this extract will save you from the herpes as well as different bacteria.



When it comes to anti-inflammatory solutions, turmeric is among the top ones. It’s absolutely natural and promotes your general health without any hassle. Proved by hundreds of laboratories, this compound has excellent anti-viral benefits.

Grape seeds


Grape seeds are a side player in the world of biologically active ingredients, but it’s definitely worth your attention. Grape seed extract allows your system to handle bacterial and viral infections with ease. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that allow you stay healthy at any age. When we are talking about the herpes outbreaks, you can expect to experience less pain and itchiness with this effective substance.



Quercetin is able to cause a reduction in the infectivity of many viruses. In other words, it weakens the viruses making it easier to remove them from your body. To conclude, quercetin is an ideal anti-viral agent you can benefit from.

Pomegranate seeds


Jam-packed with micronutrients and fantastic plant substances, the extract of pomegranate seeds is proven to have incredible benefits against various microbes and viruses.

What People Say About Herpesyl

I was really depressed when I discovered that I had herpes 2. I suffered from outbreaks very often, and nothing helped. Honestly, I tried almost every possible remedy in the world at least  to soothe the symptoms, but nothing helped. My life turned into a real nightmare, as I was constantly in pain. Luckily, I found Herpesyl! I didn’t expect a lot from this natural remedy, but it turned out to be effective. I’m so happy right now.

Lucas Ramp, 38, New York City, NY.

Cool supplement! Helped me and the whole family. We have already forgotten what it is like to have those painful cold sores on the face. Before taking the pills, I had the outbreaks almost every month, but currently I am free from herpes.

Ethan Clark, 51, Houston, TX.

Thank the manufacturer for saving hundreds of those with herpes. Herpesyl is the only blend that helped me to beat this awful virus. I feel like I have started a completely new life after taking these pills. Now, I can find a husband and have kids without being ashamed of blisters in my genital area. Thank you so much!

Sophia Hall, 27, Los Angeles, CA.

I had suffered from herpes type 1 for many years until I found these natural pills. Honestly, I didn’t worry a lot about the virus itself, but those pesky cold sores always ruined my plans. After taking this supplement for three weeks, I noticed significant improvements. My lips look stunning.

 Anna Davidson, 57, Chicago, IL.

My cold sores almost ruined my career. I wanted to work as a model, but who would want to hire a girl with horrible blisters around her lips? I’ve tried almost everything, but the effect was temporary. Fortunately, I found this organic supplement and it worked!

Emma Watson, Phoenix, AZ.

Eight years ago I found out that I had herpes type 2. I didn’t treat it, because I was too ashamed of my condition. That’s why I had outbreaks so often. God bless that day when I found info about this solution on the Internet. It helped me remove the virus from my body completely.

Ava Martin, 31, San Diego, CA.

All the remedies I tried before Herpesyl unfortunately failed. I began feeling much better in just several days, and currently, five months after I started the pills, I am completely herpes-free. No more painful blisters, no more itching!

Barbara Moore, 47, Philadelphia, PA.

Great product! Helped me to prevent cold sores during the winter. I will definitely buy it again.

Oliver Smith, Columbus, OH.

Thanks to the manufacturer! This product gave me an opportunity to get rid of the herpes virus without any trouble.

Oliver Wilson, 73, San Antonio, TX.

Where To Order The Pills

The pills can be ordered exclusively on the website, and the great news is that the delivery time is short. You just need to choose the offer you like and your remedy will be near your porch in several clicks.

Here is what we have on the site.

  • you can order one bottle for just $69;
  • three bottles will cost you  $177;
  • you will have to pay $294 for six bottles to feel the full effect;

We are sure that it’s not a scam or fake as this formula promotes your immunity. It doesn’t only ease the symptoms, but gives you body ability to eradicate the virus on its own.

Bottom Line

Cold sores are something anyone wants to avoid at all costs. Luckily, Herpesyl is able to lower pain, prevent painful blisters and remove this bad virus from your system completely.

If you suffer from herpes and pain during outbreaks, this blend is a perfect choice. It’s completely natural as well as effective. The formula boosts your inner protective capacities to fend off all dangerous agents in your system.


  • enhance your body’s protective capacities;
  • fights all types of herpes;
  • provides a healthy dose of herb extracts and micronutrients to keep your body in shape;
  • allows you to banish the virus completely;
  • increases your energy levels;
  • helps to cure blisters and cold sores in no time;
  • is effective against genital herpes.


  • will take several weeks to show the optimal effects;
  • is available only on the official website.

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  1. I’m thankful for this medicine I was diagnosed with HVS 1 AND 2 and the medicine is helping me i caught HVS 1 ANS 2 FROM MY EX-BOYFRIEND WHO IS A DJ

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