BP Zone Reviews: Shocking Info & My Results!

BP Zone is considered to be an example of the most reliable and routinely used blood tension supplements marketed. In the article, we want to address all the aspects about this medication and answer the main question whether it’s really the best or not. But before getting into it, let’s discuss the problem of high blood tension.

Idiopathic (arterial) hypertensia, or high blood pressure, might be a problem not only for older people, but literally for everyone, regardless people’s sex, age and occupation. The most common reasons of arterial hypertension are stress, poor diet, vascular heart diseases and problems with muscle cells surrounding your veins ans arteries.

The vast majority of the time, doctors suggest taking special pills or changing the diet and regime. But practice has shown that these pills can result in some adverse reactions, and eating healthy food does not give you all the necessary mineral substances and vital factors. And that’s where BP Zone goes to the rescue.

BP Zone is a fully organic supplement that is metabolized easily and provides your organism with antioxidants, minerals and other essential substances. So, let’s start our review with one simple question – what is the BP Zone supplement?

BP Zone: Introduction

BP Zone is a dietetic adjunct that is based on herbaceous components and helps to maintain the tension of blood at a normal level. The medication was specially formulated by Dr. Ryan Shelton for people who are martyrs to idiopathic hypertensia and associated problems like decreased nitrogen monoxide production, damaged vascular walls, blood-clotting and so on. It’s manufactured by Zenith Labs in the form of capsules.

Is It Safe?

Yes, BP Zone is completely secure to consume. The medication was tested by several third-party medical institutions, including Johns Hopkins Medical School, the National Institute of Health, the Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufs University, the Mayo Clinic, etc. Altogether, there were more than 20 medical investigations conducted. All of them have proved BP Zone to be absolutely safe and effective.

How Does BP Zone Act On Your Organism?

BP Zone basically lowers the quantity of fluid and salt in your organism, thus, decreasing the tension in blood vascular walls.

This, in its turn, allows the blood to flow more freely and normalizes your blood pressure.

The List of Active Components

BP Zone has a fully natural formula which is based on the extract from Hibiscus Flower. It is a herbal component rich in oxidation retarders. Most frequently, Hibiscus is used in treating problems with weight, upset stomach, the increased level of cholesterin and even cold symptoms. But, as it’s turned out, the herbal infusion is very effective against idiopathic hypertensia. It relaxes your vessels and eases the blood stream.

Altogether, BP Zone consists of 13 herbs, minerals and organic infusions. We have listed the rest below:



Also known as garlic, this herbaceous component is much used for blood thinning that has a positive influence on the blood stream.


Also known as ginger, this component offers antiphlogistic properties that reduce the stickiness of thrombocytes. What is more, it relaxes the musculuses around your veins and arteries lowering the tension.


First of all, the mineral improves muscularis condition. Secondly, it makes cellular signalling a lot easier.
Magnesium It has a positive influence on the tension of blood. Besides, the component prevents vascular heart issues.
L-Theanine It exhibits anti-inflammatory qualities keeping your blood vessels in a healthy state. What is more, the ingredient boosts your defense system.
Coenzyme Q10 First of all, this component reduces the risk of vascular heart issues. Secondly, it helps you to stay active and full of energy over the course of the day.
Aminoethionic acid


It has a positive impact on maximum and minimum blood tension (systolic and diastolic respectively) and helps to maintain your heart healthy.
Umbellatine HCL


This organic component influences the blood stream and decreases the level of weariness.
Chinese sage:


It’s utilized for relaxing vascular walls and lowering blood pressure.
Crocus The herb helps to keep the tension of blood in a normal range.
Terminalia arjuna


This component enhances the level of nitrogen monoxide production in your blood. And this boosted level, in its turn, helps to maintain your heart in a healthy condition and makes the flow of blood easier..
Thornapple It mitigates the inflammatory state which might occur in your blood vessels and influence not only the tension of blood, but also heart work in general.

All the BP Zone components were checked and proven to be secure for your heart and vessels in particular and overall health in general. And, as you might have noticed, the medication is GMO-free and does not contain any harmful agents or chemicals.

BP Zone Usage

The recommended day-to-day dosage of BP Zone is from 2 to 4 capsules. You have to divide the administration and take the product twice per day with a glass of water. The minimum period of usage is 8-12 weeks. But for better and long-continued effects, you are supposed to take BP Zone for half a year.

One package of the product includes 120 capsules. Thus, each package lasts for at least 1 month.

Precautionary Measures

There are several precautionary measures you have to follow while using BP Zone. They are the next:

  1. Keep the aid away from children’s reach.
  2. Keep the product in a dry place at room temperature.
  3. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  4. If you are expectant or lactating, consult with your doctor before taking the capsules.
  5. If you are underage, you are not supposed to take this medicine. Consult with your physician before taking.
  6. If you have other health problems and/or are taking other medications, consult with your doctor on BP Zone usage and possible interactions.

BP Zone Possible Adverse Affects

There are no adverse affects reported. Besides, medical investigations have proved BP Zone to be effective against high blood tension and poses no hazard to your overall health.

Where Is It Better to Purchase The Product?

We strongly suggest you buying BP Zone from the Zenith Labs official website as the manufacturer does not work with any retailers. So, if you find the product on other websites, it’s more likely a scam.

What is a big plus, it’s a half-a-year full refund guarantee from the manufacturer. If you are not pleased with the capsules, you can return them within 180 days after the date of delivery and get your money back without any questions.

Pricing for BP Zone

1 bottle of the BP admixture costs 49 dollars. But there are also two more options of packaging: 3 bottles for 117 dollars and 6 bottles for 198 dollars in total. The delivery fee is around 20 dollars. However, by ordering six bottles at once you can save money as the shipping is for free.

Users’ Feedback

Due to idiopathic hypertensia, I had to avoid some of my favorite food, especially pastries. I know, it may sound silly, but avoiding things I like makes me feel I don’t live my full life. I was depressed, and I didn’t know how else I could reduce my stress level. And because of stress, my blood tension got really high from time to time. My doctor suggested BP Zone to me, and I decided to try it. I had been using it for 4-5 months, and my blood tension got normalized. I still take this supplement sometimes, just in case.

Reanna Jarvis, 53, San Antonio, Texas.

The supplement worked perfectly, thanks to the manufacturer!

Kayan Gliffiths, 49, Henderson, Nevada.

What I like about this supplement, it’s the fully natural mixture. I haven’t had any adverse or allergic reactions, and I really feel myself more active and healthier in general. Thanks to Zenith Labs!

Martyn Craig, 61, Jacksonville, Florida.

Increased blood tension had been my biggest problem for several years, I guess. I tried different pills, but all of them resulted in fatigue and nausea to me. My friend suggested BP Zone. I tried it, and it turned out to be actually effective. I haven’t been over 120 since starting to take it.

Carolyn Gilmour, 63, Denver, Colorado.

To Sum Up

After addressing all the aspects mentioned above, we are ready to pass our opinion on BP Zone – it’s really one of the best dietetic aids for curing idiopathic hypertensia. The product has numerous advantages and almost no disadvantages. One single drawback we have listed below might not be an issue for somebody. So, please, check pros and cons and make sure yourself that BP Zone is worth trying.



  • BP Zone lowers maximum and minimum blood tension.
  • It boosts your energy in such a manner that you can stay active over the course of the day.
  • The medication allows you to enjoy any food you want without fear of damaging your blood vessels.
  • In some cases, BP Zone helps to reduce weight influencing the level of cholesterol.
  • It prevents various vascular heart problems.
  • The supplement reduces the stickiness of thrombocytes.
  • It exhibits anti-inflammatory qualities keeping your blood vessels in a normal condition.
  • BP Zone relaxes the musculuses around your veins and arteries lowering the tension.
  • It’s proven to have beneficial effects on renal functions.
  • BP Zone consists of fully organic components.
  • There are no adverse affects reported.
  • The manufacturer offers an 180-day full refund guarantee.


  • You can buy these capsules from the manufacturer only.

33 thoughts on “BP Zone Reviews: Shocking Info & My Results!”

  1. I am currently on adalat xl30 for high blood pressure. Can I stop this medication and start BP Zone immediately.

  2. Hello. I am also on Adalar XL 30 and am wanting to try this product. Should I taper off the med first by taking one every second day then every third day etc and be off it completely before starting this one?

      1. Melida Montero

        Im taking bisoprolol 1/2 for a year after try other medications whit bad side efects I order BP zone just I have my order can I star now?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Melida! We do not recommend mixing products. That’s why we advise that you first stop taking your bisoprolol 1/2 and refer to its instruction for use to learn the bisoprolol 1/2 elimination half-life. After waiting for the specified period you can start taking your BP zone

          1. Melida Montero

            Dear Neck
            Just Im taking BP zone since April 01 2021 twice a day everithing look under control the lowes was in the morning 127/77 9am the in afternoon 144/76 before I was taking bisoprol 5mg 1/2 pill is ok to contiue?

    1. Hi, Gaby! You can purchase the product online, you can find the link in the article. Please, follow the link and fill in the form by specifying the delivery data and Switzerland as a country of delivery

  3. I am on 30mg Lisinopril – what gradient should I use to come off of this and switch to BP Zone?

    1. HI, Mary! You can gradually decrease the Lisinopril dosage to eventually stop taking it in two-three weeks. If your current daily dosage is 30 ml you can reduce it by 5 ml in several days to come off Lisinopril entirely in about two weeks and switch to BP Zone

  4. Hi there

    I have a question mybp is 140/100 , I am 40 yr old male , I am on LOsartan 50 mg once a day. Can I take BP Zone with this medication. Do I need to stop Losartan or they can be taken together

    Please advise

    1. Hi, SD! When mixing different products, one may get suboptimal results or even experience an adverse effect. Please, try reducing your Losartan dosage gradually and then start taking BP Zone.

  5. The reviews appear to be convincing. I am in Ghana ( a middle income country-according to the World Bank)Ghana is not listed on your country-destination format.
    How can one purchase your product from Ghana.BP is universal
    Your response please,

    1. Hi, Samuel! BP Zone is shipped worldwide. Ghana is included in the shipment countries list for the product. Please use the button in the article to follow the link and fill in the delivery form by selecting Ghana in the shipment countries list

  6. Hi I started taking Lisinopril 20 mg and hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg a little over 3 months now. Wanted to try your product but needed to know exactly how and when can I stop taking medications? Your saying not to start BP until your completly off your medications?
    Also can you send reply to my email?

    Thank YOU!!

    1. Hi Donna! As mixing different products is not advisable, we recommend reducing your Lisinopril dosage to the minimum. If you decide to stop taking Lisinopril, you can start taking BP the next day

  7. I am similar to the other commenters. I am on Losartan Potassium 50 mgs, 1/ day. I hate taking prescription HBP meds in any form! I’ve been on several and they all gave me unwanted & bothersome side-effects like swollen ankles & feet; hair loss & thinning & changed hair texture; really bad constipation; etc. The Losartan 50 mgs seems to be the least of the worst! No easily defined side effects other than I’m still losing more hair than I’d like! But idk if it’s solely the HBP med or a combo with my use of ibuprofen. I take ibuprofen almost daily to control inflammatory pain in my thumb (degenerative joint disease), but my maximum usage is 2-200 mgs ibuprofen/day. I very rarely use more than that; my doctor also prescribed a gel that contains an NSAID (like Voltaren) that I rub into my thumb joint to alleviate pain. I sometimes use it, too, along with the 2 ibuprofen pills.

    Anyway, I already ordered my BP Zone 3-bottles. I couldn’t afford the 6-pack at this time, although I wanted to buy it! I’m currently awaiting delivery. Should I start to discontinue taking the 50mg tab of Losartan today??? It’s one pill so should I cut it into sections to decrease usage gradually?? I understand from what you’ve answered to other questions on here that I should NOT take BP Zone AND prescription HBP med, correct? Actually, I’m relieved to hear that! I want to get OFF this Losartan as soon as possible! I love the idea of BP Zone being organic, non-GMO, and only being made from herbal, plant-based ingredients. No chemicals like what’s in prescription medicine from pharmaceutical companies!
    So, Nick, should I STOP the Losartan med? Tomorrow, ‘cause I already took today’s dosage! Thank you for your time with reading my “novel” I’ve written to you! And for your time involved in answering what all I’ve proposed. Have a beautiful day!

    Best in health,
    Susan Cassidy

    1. Hi, Susan Cassidy! I think it’s best for you to start reducing the Losartan dosage tomorrow, like you mentioned. For example, you can cut a Losartan pill into 4 sections and take out one section each day for four days. By doing that, you’ll be able to get off Losartan in a short time before you start taking BP Zone

  8. Gary Phillips

    I take 10mg of amolodipine blood pressure med tablet once a day. Lately I have been taking it every other day. Will BP Zone help with sexual dysfunction ED . I notice from taking BP meds my sexual function has been down.

    1. Hello. BP Zone helps normalize blood pressure. However, BP Zone was not designed to fight sexual dysfunction specifically. That’s why we do not guarantee that taking the product will help you solve your ED problem. Moreover, the administration of Amolodipine blood pressure med tablet may not be the cause of your ED. We recommend visiting your doctor to clarify this

  9. I take medication for Parkinson’s, would ingesting BP be a concern if consumed with the daily medication I now have to take

  10. I take Valsartan twice a day and clonopine once a day…should I begin to reduce my med’s dosage gradually before starting on BP Zone?

  11. I have tried 10 different BP medications. I am on metoprolol succinate and amlodipine and my BP is still in the 150 and 160’s. Often it can be in the 170’s. I was hospitalized 2x with it over 200. Will taking BP Zone give me a normal BP again?

  12. My husband is on Amlodipine and Valsartan but is getting Squamous cell carcinomas on his legs. According to Teva, Israeli Pharmaceutical co, these cause cancer. Can he possibly get off these meds and take BP Zone?

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