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All hospitals operate strict infection control measures and healthcare workers are trained to implement correct procedures to avoid the spread of infection. However, within a hospital environment, some people are at higher risk than others of acquiring an infection.

The spread of infection can be dramatically reduced by using the right product and correct and frequent hand hygiene.

The Steridine hospital range has been designed to address hygiene requirements and to ensure a safe environment for healthcare workers, patients and the public.

Steridine – a cost effective hygiene solution, combining uncompromised quality and efficacy. Check out our full range now!

Protection 4U!

Steridine Product Range

Steridine Product Range


For pre-disinfection of medical and surgical instruments.


For manual processing of expensive and delicate medical and surgical equipment.


For rapid disinfection or combined cleaning and disinfection.


The Steridine hand range offers unprecedented efficacy whilst maintaining healthy skin.


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