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Infection prevention is an essential aspect in the working lives of every dental practitioner and plays a critical role in maintaining a safe working environment for patients and staff alike.

Whilst the most common cause of cross infection is the transmission of pathogens on the hands, the need to maintain strict hygiene protocols in the daily running of the dental practice remains equally as important.

The Unident dental range offers a comprehensive line up of products, to clean and disinfect and satisfy your hygiene protocol needs.

Unident – a cost effective hygiene solution, combining uncompromised quality and efficacy. Check out our full range now!

Your health and safety depend not only on dental hygiene and disinfection measures. The threat to anyone’s health, which we encounter very often is invisible and hard to detect. This threat is viruses, which are all around us all the time. And the most reliable weapon against infections and viruses, in addition to hygienics, is our immunity.

Notwithstanding the immunity being our natural or inner protection against viruses, it can be supported or even improved by using various products. One of the products, which help support our immune system in good condition is Rocufast supplement. Just like the immunity is natural to our body, Rocufast contains natural elements and vitamins to keep your immunity strong.

Protection 4U!


Unident Product Range

Unident Product Range


For cleaning, disinfection and care of all instrumentation.


For fast and effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and the environment.


For cleaning, disinfection & care of hands.


For cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions.


For cleaning, disinfection and care of suction systems.

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