Ready-to-use chlorhexidine gluconate based alcoholic solution

Key Product Features

  • Disinfection and cleansing of injured skin (wounds, burns, injective therapy, phleboclysis and cutaneous antisepsis at site of insertion of central venous catheter), preparation of the surgical field and hand antisepsis.

About Neoxinal Alcolico 0.5%+70%

Ready-to-use chlorhexidine gluconate based alcoholic solution.

Product Composition (per 100g of product)

Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.5g; 96% ethyl alcohol 70g; depurated water q.s. to 100g.

Packaging & Accessories

  • 24 x 250ml bottle – ref. PF20997

  • 20 x 500ml bottle – ref. PF20987

  • 12 x 1L bottle – ref. PF20986

AIC N° 037894021/033/019

Microbiological Activity




For microbiological specifications, refer to summary of product characteristics.