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USF Healthcare, formerly Unident SA and with headquarters based in Geneva, Switzerland bring almost 50 years’ experience in the field of hygiene and disinfection.

With a globally acclaimed reputation gained in dental and medical and having established some of the worlds most trusted brands, USF is pleased to launch its new website, unlocking two new areas of expertise, a new range of antiseptic products manufactured by Nuova Famec SRL, based in Verona, Italy, a member of the USF Healthcare group and the new Steridine hygiene and disinfection range for hospital.

Infection control within the healthcare environment is the subject of continued discussion, global debate and development. The result is ever changing recommendations and guidelines to minimise the risk of cross contamination and infection.

It is the responsibility of every practicing healthcare worker to ensure that appropriate decontamination and disinfection protocols are in place, to protect patients and staff from the possible risk of infection. Strict compliance with these protocols and using the correct product is the key to a safe working environment.

USF Healthcare recognises its responsibility as a manufacturer to constantly evolve to meet the changes in local regulations and guidelines. We understand the difficulties faced when choosing the right product and for which application. At USF, our aim is to guide our customers in to making informed decisions and provide products which meet and exceed the healthcare needs of today and for the future.

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Your partner in dental hygiene and disinfection…

Infection prevention is an essential aspect in the working lives of every dental practitioner and plays a critical role in maintaining a safe working environment for patients and staff alike.

Whilst the most common cause of cross infection is the transmission of pathogens on the hands, the need to maintain strict hygiene protocols in the daily running of the dental practice remains equally as important.

The Unident dental range offers a comprehensive line up of products, to clean and disinfect and satisfy your hygiene protocol needs.

Unident – a cost effective hygiene solution, combining uncompromised quality and efficacy. Check out our full range now!

Protection 4U!


Unident Product Range

Unident Product Range


For cleaning, disinfection and care of all instrumentation.


For fast and effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and the environment.


For cleaning, disinfection & care of hands.


For cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions.


For cleaning, disinfection and care of suction systems.

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